A solidarity Formula

Mawena is a purpose-driven skincare brand. Its mission is to create highly effective organic and vegan products, while empowering indigenous Mayan women.
Helena Mendès, its founder, hasn’t always been dedicated to the beauty sector, but her entry into this environment arises from an adventure and a feeling of solidarity. It all started when, on one of her trips to Mexico, she had the opportunity to live among the indigenous Mayan women of Chiapas. There, she was able to share customs, rituals and beauty secrets. It was then that the Mayan villagers introduced her to the Tepezcohuite, also called the `skin tree´.
This ingredient has been present in the Mayan people due to its healing and regenerative properties, as well as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
Tepezcohuite is a product very rare used in skincare because it is difficult to find and is only found in Brazil and Mexico.
Mawena has made this ingredient a staple of its products, enhancing its effects with the complementarity of other plant origin components. That is why its products are classified as organic, vegan and highly effective.