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Elegance, luxury and respect

Obvious is a new signature perfume brand that combines simplicity with elegance, and elegance with respect.

Although Obvious is totally motivated by transparency, recyclability and responsibility, the brand is synonymous of luxury, sarvoir-daire, generosity and beautiful complementary creations that are simple but eminently complex.

As for concentrates, natural ingredients predominate, but they don’t shy away from synthetics. The brand has chosen to use organic dilution alcohol, recyclable bottles made from recycled glass, cork stoppers without plastic inserts, boxes made from recycled paper and natural dyes.

Obvious is an obvious expression of this real desire for olfactory elegance and a new concept of luxury that inspires many of us, i. e. a luxury that reflects the very essence of what it offers, which is made in accordance with French good manufacturing practices.

Less is more…That’s Obvious!