Patented plant-based skincare for your beauty

Dr. Timm Golueke, Royal Fern founder, is one of the most renowned dermatologist in Germany. In addition, he is a beauty consultant, an expert in naturopathic and anti-aging therapies. Because all that, renowned celebrities have passed through his hands. He decided to launch Royal Fern after four years of research and testing in order to offer a skin care product that really works.

The brand is an expert in organic skincare. Royal Fern products have reached the cosmetics industry to offer a real skincare solution. Numerous studies have confirmed that the Royal Fern formula is able to combat the signs of aging by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen.

Its secret, a Royal Fern Complex patent, is an encapsulated complex that prevents and reduces inflammation. Based on the ancestral Fern plant, with the support of four powerful active botanical ingredients.