Collagen is all the rage

Ancient + Brave was founded in Britain by Annelie Whitfield, a former Hollywood stuntman and alternative medicine practitioner, and media lawyer and businesswoman Katie Prince.

Their common interest in holistic wellness and naturopathy inspired them to create a line of nutrient-dense supplements that consistently support a healthy lifestyle and especially intermittent fasting.

The brand, in addition to being a safe bet, is a symbol of Sustainability, Purity and Strength. Highest quality, sustainably sourced dietary supplements that represent a new generation of wellness products to enhance brain activity, body and beauty.

Named as “The Best Collagen Ever” and praised by the international press, Ancient + Brave is Harrod’s #1 selling collagen. All Ancient + Brave products with collagen offer impressive benefits for general health, body, brain and beauty.

Besides, its three vegan references each have specific ingredients for a reinforced action in each aspect (body, brain and beauty).