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The major discovery of a powerful molecule: SDKP

The study of the SDKP has been a revolution in scientific research (CNRS) and immediately Nicolas Rivière saw it as the basis for an anti-ageing product with a unique action to offer unprecedented performance.

A small amount of the SDKP molecule repairs the skin. In addition to its ability to repair damaged skin, SDKP also has the power (and this is the new discovery) to stimulate all the regulation and renewal mechanisms of a healthy skin.

The Maege concept was born

Nicolas Rivière as an expert in dermatology and pioneer in the creation of innovative patents has developed a beauty brand highlighted by its innovative products created from very high scientific standards.

Maege, is more than a laboratory, it’s a research center to prevent and slow skin aging from truly effective solutions. In 14 days wrinkles are reduced up to 59%, after 28 days the skin is redensified up to 37%.

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