The king of traditional supplements

Omega 3 of Norway has more than 170 years of Norwegian experience refining the purest and richest Antarctic krill oils and wild water omega-3s from sustainable sources.

The people of Norway have produced Omega3 from fish oil refining since the early 19th century. Nowadays, thanks to tradition and experience, Omega3 of Norway has become an unrivaled authority in the production of Omega 3. Its priority is sustainability and respect for the ocean. The brand only catches wild fish from clean oceans and processes these premium materials at the state-of-the-art plant in Ålesund, on the Norway’s west coast.

Omega 3 of Norway use a unique and patented dual molecular distillation method to achieve the purest and richest Omega3 marine oil in its natural triglyceride form, while being almost tasteless and odourless as well.

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